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About our game

The concept

TrivaTune was first thought up when Barry and Muttley were playing Player unknowns battlegrounds and talking about music, when talking they realized that there are no music based quiz games for PC that are good, so started thinking out what a game like that could be, eventually landing on the concept of TrivaTune, trivatune takes alot of insperation from the popular Steam game Table Top Simulator, where they provide a basic platform where anyone can go and make table based games, TrivaTune does the same thing but with quizes, you can use a designer to make a quiz weather its Music based or general triva, you can make any multiple choice style quiz you like.

So Far

Our Team has been working hard on getting the backend of the game working, making sure we have a stable core for our game and making sure our database is easily upgradeable without affecting gameplay. As well as the Database schema we have been working with our community to plot out what needs to be done and started working on the fundermental aspects to bring those ideas to life.
At the moment our game is being viewed by Steam to get put onto the Steam store, as soon as that happens we plan to upload a major build, an update video and set a regualr date for new updates to the game and make sure we can keep you the community both in the loop of what is happening and involved in the creation of the game itself.